Here Comes PKP 2.0 In Perlis - Brace Youselves!

Source : Facebook Rasmi YAB Dato' Seri Azlan Man

The Federal Government, in the wake of a substantial increase in Covid-19 cases, has again imposed and enforced PKP throughout the country. The only exception is Sarawak. The largest state, however, is not out of the wood yet.

The enforcement of PKP in Perlis will take effect from 22 January 2021. It will be for two weeks. If the situation does not improve, chances are that the PKP would be extended.

Why PKP for Perlis? It is because currently Perlis has an accumulated number of Covid-19 cases of 53 which has exceeded the threshold number of 51. The number could grow much bigger in the next few days as there are 233 close contacts still waiting for the results of their screening tests. My guess is that some of them will get positive results!

The decision has already been made. It is obviuosly with a good intention, that is to fight the menacing virus more effectively. Our front liners will definitely be on their toes again. So do the back liners.

Let's face it with a positive mindset. We have to brace the hard reality of PKP with the right attitude. It means we have to scrupulously abide by the rules of PKP. The SOPs must be strictly observed and followed. Hopefully the curve of Covid-19 cases can be flattened within two weeks. Meanwhile, life has to go on.

Let's join our efforts together. We in Perlis did prove it twice previously when we continued to maintain the uninterrupted green zone status for a reasonably long period. Yes, indeed it's a challenging time mentally, physically and spiritually. And together we can do it again! In-syaa-Allah!

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